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  • Cast Iron Structures Throughout American History

    Cast Iron Structures - Fountains and Statues
    Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi's "Fountain of Light and Water"; Image credit: Architect of the Capitol; public domain.
    Cast iron has been utilized in our structures for much longer than most of us realize. It was invented in China over 2,000 years ago, and was an extremely expensive luxury used only in very small amounts. Fast forward a couple thousand years: in the mid 1700’s, the English

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  • Why You Should Restore Antique Cast Iron Architectural Work

    restore antique cast iron We’ve all found ourselves walking through historic neighborhoods or business districts, admiring the beautiful handworked cast iron railings and window grills. Whether the building is brick, stone or another facade, the cast iron workings add a sense of history and romance to the scene. Sadly, the passage of time and incorrect maintenance has lead to the degradation of many of these elements. Antique Cast Iron,

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  • The Importance of Preserving Beautiful and Historic Vault Lighting

    Services - Vault Lighting, Historic Vault Lighting Antique Cast Iron, LLC specializes in historic vault lighting preservation and repair. Vault lights, otherwise known as pavement lights or sidewalks lights, are essentially glass inserts placed into cast iron or concrete that were intended to allow light from the street to enter the area below the sidewalk, usually on business streets, that operated as storage or rental areas for the shop owners above. Due

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