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Vault Lighting

Vault Lighting - 101 Spring StreetWhat is It?

Cast iron vault lighting was originally patented by Thaddeus Hyatt in 1845.  Using modular, cast-iron panels with clear glass lenses, vault lights are set into sidewalks in front of building storefronts to allow for natural light to reach the basement areas of the property.  Glass prisms later replaced the traditional lenses in order to refract more light.

Old vault light installations show deterioration with several indicators.  The glass lenses become cracked, broken or lost and are often filled in or covered with other materials to prevent leaking from rainwater. The cast iron panels, exposed to the environment without protective

vault lighting - New York City
New York City’s First Vault Light System

sealants, begin to corrode, and often there is evidence of shifting due to the expansion and contraction of surrounding asphalt and concrete materials over time.

Read more about the importance of preserving historic vault lighting here.

Our Vault Lighting Projects

The images below portray some of our work in vault light restoration and repair projects. Click any image to open in carousel view.

101 Spring Street

1 Crosby

2-20 Greene

483 Broadway

36 Hudson

52 Broadway

Coal Shoot Cover – Vault Lighting


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